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    • Paper Plate Forming (Making) Machine - JKLP-22

DESCRIPTION ( Paper Meal Box Dish Forming Machine)

DB-L300 With two independence working positions, is type semiautomatic machine can produce paper containers various in size. This machine is applied to process so many containers in different size and different shape, like paper meal box, paper bowl, paper plate and paper dish by changing moulds.


The Production Capacity: 15-20gsm (pcs per minute)

Required Paper: 150-300gsm(Grey and white paper)

Specification of dish & box: Box:14oz 21oz
(Produce different boxes’size by changing moulds)

Dish: 205oz to 11oz
(Produce different dishes’size by changing moulds)

Total Power: 220v 50hz 2kw


Overall Dimensions(L×W×H):1200×600×1500mm.

Watch Demo :

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