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    • Paper Bowl of Outside Packing Gluing Machine


Paper Bowl Making Machine of DEBAO-B1 type paper bowl of outside packing agglutinating machine is paper bowl machinery kit equipment. It has automatically pass paper, envelope, throw glue, unload bowls, outside packing automatically agglutinate with paper bowl and photo electricity examine, give an alarm when meeting with hitch, account etc, advanced craft, reasonable design, operation and maintenance convenience.




Production Capacity  35-45 pcs per minute
 required paper
200-300gsm (grey and white paper)
 Container Specification
 (A) ф50-110mm,(B) 80-155mm,(C) ф70-125mm.
18-50 ounce (produce different cups’ size by changing moulds)
 total power   220V 50Hz 5kW or 380V 50Hz 5kW (variable-frequency control)
 weight   1000kg
 overall dimensions(L*W*H)  2400×1300×1850mm  

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