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    • Paper Cone Forming Machine - JKICP-1000

Description of Paper Cone Forming Machine:

The Paper Cone Forming Machine has a suction nozzle which sucks the printed and cut paper out from the paper shelf and then places the paper onto the conveying chains, which convey the paper further to the forming mould. The paper will be coated during this procedure with Heat Melt Adhesive, whose length and weight can be adjusted without stopping the machine if needed. After formed, the coated paper will become the cones which will be blown into the collecting device, where the cones will be automatically gathered, counted and transferred at a certain intended amount.

Features of Paper Cone Forming Machine:  

(1)High efficiency, 200pcs/min at the most. The products counted automatically.

(2) With small overall, installed easily (Overall dimension 1850×1750×1800mm)

(3)Low load power and high precise frequency control.(Power: about 5.5kw)

(4)With the box-pattern and the high-quality steel, it has stable and precise transmission.

(5)High level of automatism, easy to operate and debug, convenient maintenance and low cost

(6)Lubricated by oil circulation.

(7) With two modes.

Standard Fitting of Paper Cone Forming Machine:

(1)Complete electric-controlled case, including segment and non-segment speed regulating

(2) Vacuum device and air-condensing device

(3) Heat melt adhesive device

(4) Products piling device

(5) Fin refusing collecting device

(6) A set of forming moulds

(7) Ten fin knives.

Technical parameters of Paper Cone Forming Machine:

Standard Model

1. Lowest height: 140mm
2. Highest height: 220mm
3. Angle: 21.5°-22.5°

Adjustable model

1. Lowest height: 100mm
2. Highest height: 255mm
3. Angle: 15°  -28°
Producing Speed: 200pcs/min at its most
Raw Materials: paper, combined aluminum foil paper, or dry stencil paper(<100g/m2)

Other accessories:

1. Glue programmed controlling
2.Air compression engine
Covering Area: 2m×2m
Overall Dimension: 1.8m×2.5m×2.0m  
Weight: 800kg more or less (Net Weight)

Watch Demo :

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