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Fully Automatic Die Cutting Machine – JKP2012


JKP2012 Die Cutting Machine adopts the technology cutting of automatic punching. It can make the slitting, die cutting and clearing the waste of paper done together. So the machine has less steps than those with the traditional cutting technology, which can eliminate some loss of the raw material in cutting, and can improve the rate of the utilization of raw materials and finished goods effectively.

The machine removes the waste clearing step in traditional procedures and cuts the pattern paper directly which are in good quality and looks nice. So it is a good machine which can not only largely reduce the consumption and manpower of worker's labor intensity. It is ideal equipment for cutting many kinds of paper container, such as disposable paper bowl, paper cup, paper meal, paper box, label paper, etc. It adopts professional high definition gas feeding paper structure, distinctive electronic protector and automatic feeding paper and collecting paper orderly.

It is controlled by PLC, which makes the whole working procedures are automatic. And through the PLC control, the worker can get the whole data of the working machine, such as the speed, the power of motor, the amount of the pattern paper and so on. If you want to produce different pattern paper, what the woker an do is that changing the parameters on the interface of PLC. What's more, the important parts of machine are imported from Japan and Germany. From the above, this machine can run stably, locate correctly and operate safely, reliably and easily.


Cutting speed: 150-250 times/min

Required paper: 150-350GSM, width: 355-880mm

Paper width Max.: 900mm

Way of cutting: Die cutting(fit for roll paper)

Mould board size: 900mm x 420mm

Total power: 380V 50Hz 6.3kw

Speed of sending paper: 40m/min(interval working)

Main roller length: 1000mm

Machine weight: 2100kg

Machine size: 3000 x 1600 x 2000mm

Control system: PLC control

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