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Flexo Printing (Paper) Machine – FPM-1


The flex machine can be with 1-6 colors

1. Adopt the creaminc anilox cylinder to transfer the ink
2. Unwinding and rewarding tension are auto-controlled by tension controller
3. Each printing unit adopts 3600 plate-adjustement
4. IR dryer (hot air type)for each printing unit (UV dryer is for option).
5. This machine has one die-cutting station, and keep running when the machine stopped
6. The ink rollers will be separated form the printing roller. And die cutting finished in one process
7. The machine can finished material -feeding printing varnishing drying lamimating die-cutting and rewinding in a lump. It is an ideal machine for printing note and top-grade adhesive label


Printing length: 60m/min
Printing color: 1-6 colours
Raw Paper: 40-350GSM
Max. Width for paper : 470 mm
Max. Printing width: 450mm
Max. Unwinding diameter: 600mm
Max. Rewinding diameter: 600mm
Printing length :178-355mm/206-460mm/239-539
Precision of chromatography : ± 0.1 mm

Dimensions: 1860mm x 560mm x 2500mm(L*W*H)
Machine weight: about 2000kg
Power supply: 380v. 50/60Hz, 3p

Watch Demo :